Monday, 14 April 2014

Drawing Things

Custom pet picture
From the Woodland Animals Postcard Collection (also available as a larger print)
Bear Print
Luna Moth Print
Dachshund Print
Animal Skulls Postcard Collection
Nature Walk Postcard Collection
Woodland Animals Postcard Collection

Crystals Print Collection (also available as individuals)
Close up of Amethyst drawing
Hey, so here's a a little update of some drawings and prints I've been making lately. Most of these can be found in my shop, (if anyone has any custom drawing enquiries free to contact me via their too).

Also just a quick reminder there are still two weeks to purchase one of my three designs as a vests, tees and sweatshirts in the Ohh Deer Competition shop (After the 28th of April they will be gone!)

Find them here: Kitten / Frenchie / Owl

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Etsy Finds

Sometimes I visit my Etsy Favouriets page and everything is just accidentally quite  coordinated and tonal on there. So here's a few things I like currently.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Kittens, Dogs, Owls and T shirts


Hello! I have entered a competition being run by OhhDeer. I 'm aware that I have no chance of winning as they always have a very high caliber of illustrators and designers enter their competitions, but I entered because it's good for exposure and worth a try. The added bonus is that while the competition is running you can buy the entry designs! So for a limited time only (until the end of April) you are able to purchase my kitten, french bulldog and owl designs on t shirts, vests and sweatshirts.

If you want to help me in the competiton you can do so by heading over to the website (links below) and sharing, liking and tweeting my designs on facebook and twitter (I get points for these shares so every little helps) Apologies if you also follow me on facebook and instagram and have already seen me banging on about this yesterday. Thanks so much to those of you who have already liked and shared etc, I really appreciate it a lot!

Links to the 3 designs:

While you're there check out the other entries, there are some fabulous designs by some really talented people. (you can like and share from as many different artists as you like).

In other, less fun news.. This morning I made an emergency dental appointment, after spending last night in the most horrific pain I've ever experienced in my life, and an hour later they pulled out one of my upper wisdom teeth. So I'm currently writing this with a mouth full of blood (too much information?) and feeling extremely sorry for myself!
However I will say that if any of you have to get a tooth pulled any time soon, although it was extremely unpleasant and I was absolutely terrified before hand, ultimately it wasn't quite as bad as I'd imagined in my head before hand, he said it was one of the more difficult ones he'd done, and there was a lot of yanking and drilling involved, but I honestly didn't feel any pain while it was happening and I'm really glad that demon tooth is gone now! So if you have to get a wisdom tooth (or any tooth) pulled, just know that it probably wont be quite as bad as you're imagining in your head and if I can hack it you can too! because I have major dentist fear. Now I'm off to look at pictures of puppies on the internet to make myself feel better.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Patch me up

Patches! I love these they make me a bit nostalgic, I'd really like to buy a bunch of them but first I need to decide what I'd do with them. In the mean time here they are for you to enjoy. These lovelies are from Mokuyobi Threads on etsy.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Shade on Shape

Sonia Jaks is the designer and creator behind Shade on Shape. Living with her family in Poland, she is inspired by colour and combinations, of which she appears to have a definite talent for. My personal favourites are the painted wooden vases, I think they would bring a lovely bit of Spring colour into the home.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Diana Sudyka - Magical Illustrations

Diana Sudyka is a very talented illustrator from Chicago, her work includes editorial, books, album art and screen prints. I love her art, to me it brings to mind ancient fairytales and folk law, I like the natural elements combined with the more supernatural additions of ghost animals and spirits. She also has a natural history blog The Tiny Aviary that documents her experience volunteering for the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History.

To see more, check out her
Website and Blog and Shop